Super Snakeskin Feral Bogwitch Business!, 2021
digital photography, 13"x17" inkjet prints

This photo project is an exercise on understanding “wilderness,” a concept that has been personally shaped by my experiences with consumption, colonization, and Christianity. I find “wilderness” often manifests by othering of the human body and culture. This selection is a non-linear progression of various body states. Through these (trans)formations I investigate the gendered body as a site of social and spiritual ruptures. The body ranges from conventional aesthetics to what might be deemed animalistic or "other." Everything is about the moment of movement, where one can see the body is being altered in some way. Through the lens of a camera, the changing body is  captured in a blurred state. The gaze attempts to make these moments static, yet fails to do so with clairity. Each photo pictures an altered state of the body as it progresses on a journey of self discovery.